The good news for Ryan Belz of Millerton, Penn. is that he set a new record for the amount of cash won during a round of Plinko, The Price Is Right's famous giant board game. The bad news is that he may never regain his sanity after losing it during his over-the-top appearance.

Belz hit the $10,000 slot three times during the round, which had never been done before. He earned $31,500 in the round.

But it's not just what he did, it's how he did it. He screamed like a madman the whole way and at one point even led a chant of his own name, which is truly a boss move. Ryan Belz is the Michael Jordan of Plinko, and Michael Jordan never led a chant of his own name. Therefore, Ryan Belz is a bigger boss than Michael Jordan.

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Belz told TMZ that he's a Price Is Right superfan, even scheduling his college classes around the game show's daily airing to make sure he didn't miss it. He's going to use his winnings to pay off student loans.

I have two wildly unfounded theories about Belz: 1.) He's a producer plant to create a viral moment, or 2.) He's such a fan that he studied perfect Plinko chip placement and maybe even built his own Plinko board at home and practiced for this moment.

Congratulations, Ryan Belz. Don't let your Price Is Right superstardom change you.

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