Simon Cowell by Dimitrios Kambouris/ Simon Cowell by Dimitrios Kambouris/
Jordin's got pipes that cannot be beat.

Blake rocks a contemporary beat. For that reason alone,

Simon Cowell has no prediction to make about the forthcoming American Idol finale. "I can't call it, because I think they've both got different strengths," he told during a conference call to tout the new (and totally improved) season of that other AI, ABC's American Inventor (premiering June 6). "One is a better entertainer, and one is a better singer. It will come down to what they do on [Tuesday]." Later in the call, Cowell dissed the dismissal of critical darling Melinda Doolittle, but stopped short of saying it cripples Idol's credibility. "I didn't agree with the vote, but more people should have dialed for Melinda," he said plainly. "When you allow the public to choose, you've got to live and die by the vote. It's as simple as that." Reflecting on Idol's season gone by - one marked by a famously coiffed crooner - Simon confessed, "I like crazy. The panel is wacky, and therefore I think the contestants should be a bit strange as well." Specifically of Sanjaya's stint, he said, "The whole thing was hysterical. I don't think I'd be happy if he was in the finals... but looking back, I thought he was quite amusing." Might Blake pull an upset and win Idol ? Vote here.