Fellow fans of ABC's The Nine (and I know you are out there, and an impassioned bunch at that): I had the chance to screen this week's episode, and it's a good one. (A particularly juicy one, even, for Kathryn-Nick 'shippers.) Without revealing too much, I can tell you that you will see:

- A marriage proposal, followed by a, um, "atypical" response
- A poker game, hosted by Egan, that impacts the direction of definitely one, perhaps two, and maybe even three lives
- A first kiss - and then some!
- A good chunk of flashback, tying into the episode's title ("Take Me Instead") and shedding light on Nick's "heroism" and perhaps also why he punched out the negotiator upon the hostages' release
- Some veddy interesting exchanges between Lucas and Lizzie, both in present time and during the ordeal
- A final scene involving Malcolm that had me going, "Wha?!" Still scratching my head over that one!

So tune in, and stay tuned in, tonight at 10 pm/ET!