Wren (Julian Morris) made a not-so-glorious return to Rosewood in Tuesday's episode of Pretty Little Liarsand there was something very off about his meet-cute with Ezra (Ian Harding).

First of all, Wren was only there for the one scene — a meet up with Spencer (Troian Bellisario) at the Rosewood airport that Ezra accidentally crashed — and it has us thinking something isn't quite right. We've compiled the evidence and developed a theory that Wren wasn't meeting Spencer at all, but actually A.D. pretending to be the Liar. Here's what we've got.

Julian Morris, <em>Pretty Little Liars</em>Julian Morris, Pretty Little Liars

1. Who has a "massive layover" in a regional airport?

Wren's excuse for meeting Spencer was that he had a huge layover and she was "kind enough" to help him kill some time. Wren lives in London. Where is he going that he would have a seven-hour layover in a tiny regional airport? Ezra was there because he only needed to hop a short flight to Maine, but there's no logical reason for Wren to be there unless it was planned.

2. Spencer was not emotionally in the right place for this very convenient hang out

Okay, let's pretend we believe Wren magically got stuck in Rosewood and texted Spencer, "Come hang out at an airport with me," then Spencer was like, "I have a cyber stalker trying to send me and my friends to prison and you're the creeper who hit on me when I was 16, but sure. Let's chill." I can do that. I have been trained to suspend that amount of disbelief for Pretty Little Liars before.

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Here's what I can't ignore though: right before Wren allegedly called to inform Spencer of his layover, she was being cornered by Marco (Nicholas Gonzalez) about the fact he's basically confirmed she has something to do with Archer's (Huw Collins) death. When Spencer left Marco she was visibly shaken and upset. Yet at the airport she seemed like she was having a super fun day just catching up with her ex-boyfriend/almost brother-in-law? We know Spencer is resilient, but come on guys. That makes no sense.

3. Where is Spencer's coat? It looks expensive!

When Spencer is seeing her life-not-behind-bars flash before her eyes during Marco's interrogation, she's wearing a beautiful white coat. Check it out.

Troian Bellisario, <em>Pretty Little Liars</em>Troian Bellisario, Pretty Little Liars

Yet, when "Spencer" is having her happy-go-lucky cocktails with Wren, the coat is nowhere to be seen.

Troian Bellisario, <i style="">Pretty Little Liars</i>Troian Bellisario, Pretty Little Liars

Are you trying to tell me that someone as classy as Spencer left such a beautiful, probably designer coat, folded in her car somewhere? The coat would wrinkle and Spencer Hastings is not a monster, people. Did the temperature that night suddenly rise so she no longer needed it to keep warm? Plus, "Spencer" is wearing all black, which we know is A.D.'s color scheme. If there's no jacket, this must be a racket.

4. "Spencer" wants this meeting hush-hush

After the super awkward meeting with Ezra (and PLL fans racked their brains to figure out how it was possible Wren and Ezra had never met before), Spencer asks that her former English teacher not tell anyone he saw her at the airport. Why would she be so worried about her friends finding out about it? If that was really Spencer, she would have told them she was going to talk to Wren in the first place. Ezra is also the only Liar significant other to still be in the dark about End Game, so he's the only person who could have caught Spencer at the airport with Wren and not think it was weird. The timing is SO weird.

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5. A.D. loves a good face mask

No, we're not talking about a charcoal mask. A.D. has been using the fake-face trick a lot recently. Hanna (Ashley Benson) received a mannequin with her fake face attached. Aria (Lucy Hale) has had all of her Face Time chats with A.D. in an Aria face mask as well. Honestly, it's like A.D. is super mad they never got to be the villain in Mission: Impossible 3. It's not a stretch at all that A.D. would sport a Spencer face mask and met Wren to get intel about who potentially killed Charlotte (Vanessa Ray).

Nothing is ever what it seems when Wren is involved — and we know he's been on Team A before — so we're calling serious A.D. on this situation.

Do you think Spencer really went to meet Wren at the airport, or is something else going on here?

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