Pretty Little Liars might be over, but that doesn't mean this is goodbye forever.

During the official A-List Wrap Party special on Tuesday, the cast revealed they would totally be down to return to Rosewood for a 10-year reunion. "I would definitely be open to a reunion just because I would want to see everybody," said Troian Bellisario.

However, Bellisario and the cast were clear that they wouldn't just do a reunion for a reunion's sake, but that they would want to make sure the show still had more stories to tell. "It would very much depend on what it is for and what the characters were going to be doing next and why we were doing it. I would never want to pass up an opportunity to do that," Bellisario explained.

"[We would want to] do it justice," added Lucy Hale.

Pretty Little Liars: Who is A.D.?

However, just because we won't be getting more episodes of PLL anytime soon doesn't mean we won't get frequent doses of our favorite Liars. Over the course of filming PLL's seven seasons, the cast has become best friends in real life, so we can expect tons of adorable reunion pics on the stars' Instagrams and Snapchats in the years to come.

"I think the great thing about our friendship is that I feel like I can have that with the girls with or without a reunion," said Bellisario, "so I think the reunion would have to be pretty special. And I think we would all really want it to be."

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