Pretty Little Liars fans with DirecTV had a rough time on Tuesday night when they tuned into the penultimate episode of their favorite mystery show.

The audio during the first act of the show was skipping, including during commercials, making the first 10 minutes almost inaudible. Tuesday's episode will answer a lot of the series' lingering questions, according to creator I. Marlene King, so fans were extremely peeved to be missing crucial information.

They took to Twitter to vent their frustration before DirecTV was able to fix the issue after the second commercial break. Thank goodness the sound came back before Charlotte's (Vanessa Ray) killer was revealed or else there might have been riots. reached out to DirecTV for comment but did not hear back from corporate as of press time. However, the DirecTV service Twitter did reply that the issue was being looked into.

Pretty Little Liars ends next Tuesday, June 27 at 8/7c on Freeform.