Aria's (Lucy Hale) messy love triangle intensifies on Tuesday's episode of Pretty Little Liars.

Things get tense when Aria's boyfriend Liam (Roberto Aguire) returns to Rosewood to visit his girlfriend and to give a new round of notes to Ezra (Ian Harding) about the book Ezra and Aria are writing together. If last week's second episode sneak peek is any indication, the meeting between Aria's two loves will be awkward, to say the least.

"[There's] great discomfort," executive producer Charlie Craig tells "It will impact Aria's relationship with Liam and her relationship with Ezra."

Ian Harding, <em>Pretty Little Liars</em>Ian Harding, Pretty Little Liars

Things begin going downhill when Liam brings up the "predatory nature" of the book protagonist and his relationship with a young student. Ezra, of course, isn't very open to that interpretation considering how closely the book follows his and Aria's real relationship when she was in high school.

"[Liam] is voicing an outlook on the Aria and Ezra relationship, [which], back in the day when it started, other people thought — is it the most romantic thing in the world or is it kind of weird that a high school girl fell for her English teacher?" Craig says.

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Should the somewhat sketchy way Aria and Ezra initially fell in love impact who she should be with now? According to Craig, Liam thinks so.

"That is certainly ammunition that Liam can bring up when he's questioning whether Aria, the woman he loves, should still have feelings for Ezra," he says. "It's not a comfortable couple of days for those guys."

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It is undeniable that Aria and Ezra still have feelings for each other, but the question is whether their rekindled love can withstand the admittedly valid points that Liam can make. Aria will have to decide once and for all if her feelings for Ezra are the real deal or if they're left over from her high school days, and it won't be as easy as you think for her to choose.

"Aria is in a pretty tricky situation writing a book with a guy being published by the place where her other love is employed," Craig says. "That's a box you can't get out of easily."

Which man do you think Aria should choose, and why?

Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesday at 8/9c on Freeform.