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Spoiler Alert! If you haven't seen last night's Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode, you might want to avoid reading any further.

If you have, then you know another one bit the dust as "A" (or someone on the pAyroll) offed disgraced Rosewood cop Garrett Reynolds during the town's Ghost Train ride. Not only was the keeper of major secrets silenced for good, the guy's corpse was stashed in a crate with poor, kidnapped Aria! Here, Yani Gellman opens up about being the latest Liar casualty and why this may not be the end of the baby face behind the badge.

TV Guide Magazine: Dude, I'm sorry you died.
Yani Gelman:
Oh yeah, I'm sorry too! [Laughs]

TV Guide Magazine: He finally gets exonerated...
The whole time he was locked up in jail, I couldn't wait for him to get released...and then this happened! But you know, that's what makes the show so great. You never know who is going to go at any given time. And it was my turn. I had a great run on the show, I loved being on it, and I love that my character got to go out with a bang.

TV Guide Magazine: Indeed he did. When were you told about this?
Marlene King, [PLL's executive producer] talked to me before we started shooting the episode. She pulled me aside and explained, story-wise, why this was happening and how important it was for the show. She was really sorry that we weren't going to work together as much going forward.

TV Guide Magazine: "As much"?
Well, she said my character will probably appear in flashbacks, so I'll still have a connection to the show. But for Marlene - and really all of us - the story comes first and the fans come first. So anything that serves that is what needs to be done, and I think my character played a pivotal role in pushing the story forward. In this episode in particular, he got to unveil a whole other layer to the mystery.

TV Guide Magazine: Yeah, Garrett spilled some major info before meeting his maker.
Totally! I flirted with death for a long time and things finally caught up to me. And now we get to see what happens with my death. Now that the Liars know Garrett wasn't behind the crimes he was accused of, the question becomes, "Who is?"

TV Guide Magazine: We didn't even get to see who killed you.
That's the thing. Another twist in the great mystery of Rosewood.

TV Guide Magazine: How long did you have to spend in a box with Lucy Hale?
Oh my god, good thing it was Lucy. I will spend all the time in the world with her in a box. She's just awesome. We had so much fun. I think we shot it all in one day, but it felt like it was days that I was pretending to be dead. I was just cracking her up the whole time because she had to do all of this serious, emotional stuff and I would just sit there with my eyes popped open, trying to make the most horrific face possible. [Laughs]

TV Guide Magazine: What's next for you?
The show has opened up so many doors for me. It's so well loved across the world, really. So when I go in for auditions now, a lot of producers turn out to be fans of the show, and I am getting a ton of opportunities that wouldn't have been available to me before I started working on it. It's bittersweet, definitely. I am really sad that Garrett is dead, but there is a lot of great stuff ahead of me.

TV Guide Magazine: So there is an upside to being offed?
Oh yeah. And now I get to sit back and just be a fan like everyone else. When people ask me what's going to happen, I can honestly say that I don't know!

Are you bummed that PLL killed Garrett? Who do you think did it?

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