Some serious validation is in store for many Pretty Little Liars fans after Tuesday's episode, "Power Play."

It was Alison's (Sasha Pieterse) turn at A.D.'s deadly game and her spin at the board revealed one traumatizing truth. The baby Alison is carrying isn't hers — it's Emily's (Shay Mitchell)! Yes, the number-one fan theory is officially canon, folks, and "Emison" fans can rejoice. However, the Liars are definitely not stoked about the news. This is the most screwed-up thing that has ever happened to them — and that's saying a lot.

It feels particularly cruel that Emily and Paige (Lindsey Shaw) also reunited in this episode, and now there's a baby that will draw Emily and Alison closer than ever as they try to figure out what to do about the growing fetus. The baby news also brings up one extremely important question: Who is the father? That's another query to add to the list of unanswered questions.

Sasha Pieterse, <em>Pretty Little Liars</em>Sasha Pieterse, Pretty Little Liars

Alison and Emily have definitely paid the price for the latest puzzle piece, but it turns out that Aria (Lucy Hale) is going rogue in order to spare herself a turn at the demonic game. Not only did she ditch Alison in her moment of need (honestly, she barely looked conflicted), but Aria is in deep chats with A.D. about switching teams. The shortest Liar is seriously considering putting on a black hoodie, even after she found out the deep level of deranged their new tormentor has reached. We cannot wait for the come-to-Jesus meeting this girl is going to have when Hanna (Ashley Benson) finds out about this betrayal.

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Aria isn't the only one throwing people under the bus, though. Tuesday's episode also revealed that Mary Drake (Andrea Parker) is the one that killed Jessica DiLaurentis. It turns out that Jessica's death was a revenge mission after Mary found out that Charles DiLaurentis wasn't actually dead, but had really transitioned into Charlotte (Vanessa Ray) and was alive and well at Radley. Jessica paid the ultimate price for that lie and Mary buried her twin sister in the Hastings' backyard to make sure Peter Hastings (Nolan North) got blamed for the crime. It didn't work out, but now Spencer (Troian Bellisario) has one more reason to be wary of trying to find her birth mother.

All in all, "Power Play" was an episode with truth bomb after truth bomb, and it is going to take a minute for the girls to recover from all of the information they've received. Hanna is already fraying at the edges and very well might be the first to break — if Aria doesn't send the rest of her friends down the river first.

A.D. is owning this game and it feels like the Liars haven't even started playing yet.

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