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7 Burning Questions for Pretty Little Liars' Mary Drake

What's your game, lady?

Megan Vick

Pretty Little Liars' new villain Mary Drake (Andrea Parker) -- the secret twin sister of Alison's (Sasha Pieterse) deceased mother Jessica DiLaurentis -- has everyone on edge since she stepped out of the shadows this season.

Mary is in Rosewood to avenge her biological daughter Charlotte's death, but the more she becomes part of the Liars lives, the more we wonder what her actual end game is. If this season is the "season of answers," then we have some burning questions for Mary we'd like to put at the top of the list.

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1. Did Mary kill Jessica DiLaurentis?



One of the last unresolved mysteries from Charlotte's era as A is who killed Jessica DiLaurentis? Mary currently has the most believable motive, but we're not sure she's got murder on her list of tricks.

2. Why has Mary waited five years to reveal herself?



Even if Mary didn't kill Jessica, why has it taken her five years to emerge as the secret twin? What was she doing while all of the Liars were in college and Charlotte was stuck in a prison psychiatric hospital?

3.If Mary spent such a long time at Radley Sanitarium, did she ever cross paths with Charlotte?



We know that the DiLaurentis adopted Charlotte as a baby because Mary was a patient at Radley, but if she spent so many years there, did her paths ever cross with her biological child? Did she perhaps dress up as Jessica to be able to spend time with Charlotte?

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4.How does Mary know Elliott Rollins?



The biggest shock at the end of Season 6 was that Mary is teaming up with Elliott (Huw Collins) to torment the Liars, especially Alison. How do they they know each other and why are they working together? It definitely seems like they're no longer on the same page when it comes to Charlotte's revenge.

5. What does Mary want with the Carrissimi Group?



A major part of Mary's and Elliott's plan to drive Alison crazy was to get her controlling interest in the Carrissimi group -- the shadow organization Charlotte created to fund her A schemes. Yet, we're a few episodes into the new season and haven't heard another word about what Mary and Elliott want to do with the company or the leftover money.

6.Is there any truth to Mary's story about why she was sent to Radley in the first place?



Mary told Spencer (Troian Bellistario) a harrowing tale about why she was sent to Radley in the first place. Did Jessica DiLaurentis really kill the infant she was babysitting or Mary truly unhinged?

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7. Who is Charlotte's biological father?



The development of Charlotte into A, and now Mary's revenge scheme in the wake of Charlotte's death, all began with the DiLaurentis' adopting Charlotte as a baby. Who was/is Charlotte's father though? Was he another patient at Radley? Was he Mr. DiLaurentis? Or more shocking, was he Spencer's father when he thought he was having an affair with Jessica?

What are your burning questions about Mary Drake?

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