Sean Faris Sean Faris

Fresh off of whatever they saw in the trunk at the end of Tuesday's Pretty Little Liars season finale, those law-breakers have a new problem to deal with! TV Guide Magazine has learned exclusively that Sean Faris has been cast on ABC family's hit teen mystery in the recurring role of Pennsylvania state police officer Gabriel Holbrook.

Aside from having a spectacular last name, little else is known about the character, but the arrival of a law-enforcement official from outside of the Rosewood P.D. can only mean that Aria and company are in deep water. Way deeper than the lake they tried to hide Det. Wilden's patrol car in, at least.

Faris, who met a fiery demise during The Vampire Dairies' first season as bartender-turned-bloodsucker Ben McKittrick, begins filming Thursday and will make his first appearance in the June 11 season premiere.

What do you think he's coming to town to deal with? A dead body in the trunk? The fire at the lodge? Teacher-student impropriety at Rosewood High? 

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