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Here's How Late Night Reacted to the Presidential Debate

Woo, OK!

Liam Mathews

The Daily Show, Late Night and The Late Show were all live Monday night in order to quickly respond to the presidential debate, and the hosts brought their A-games. Trevor Noah, Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert each talked about a lot of the same stuff -- Donald Trump's lack of preparation and low expectations and Hillary Clinton's "woo, OK!" shimmy. Noah and Colbert even made the same joke about the first lie of the night ("Donald, it's good to be with you"). But each host brought their own angle and area of expertise to their coverage.

Trevor Noah was at his best, gleefully skewering the candidates' hypocrisies and slip-ups and responding fastest to the actual debate rather than its run-up. He was harder on Trump, identifying what he calls "Truth Trump," which is Trump in small moments when he lets the bluster slip and says something honest, like bragging about how he cheats on his taxes or admitting he only pretended to start caring about black people in the last "little while." His best joke, though, was about the debate's organizers caving to both campaigns' demands: "They gave Hillary a shorter podium, and they let Donald Trump stop-and-frisk Lester Holt."

Seth Meyers was a little more serious, having done his research in pointing out that Donald Trump hadn't done his research. He joined in on fact-checking Trump, pulling up the tweet from 2012 in which Trump wrote that he thinks global warming is a hoax, rebutting his statement during the debate that he never said that.

Stephen Colbert nicknamed Clinton "Preparation H," both for her preparedness and her ability, as she showed in the primaries, to "soothe the Bern." He had the best joke about Trump's sniffles, saying "Trump sounded like he was fighting off a cold... with cocaine." Colbert was also the only host to bring up Trump's weirdest aside of the night, about how maybe a 400-pound person sitting on their bed hacked the DNC.

Who do you think had the best response to the debate?

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