President Barack Obama President Barack Obama

Remember when all it took was playing saxophone for a president to be considered cool? Well, President Barack Obama just raised the stakes to a whole new level.

POTUS appeared on The Colbert Report Monday night, but rather than do just another sit-down interview, Obama decided to switch things up. "Stephen, you've been taking a lot of shots at my job. I've decided to go ahead and take a shot at yours," the president told Stephen Colbert.

After instructing Colbert to "get out of the way," Obama sat down at the anchor desk and proceeded to take over the next segment, "The Word," which he renamed "The Decree" (to "make this a little more presidential").

"Nation, as you know, I, Stephen Colbert, have never cared for our president. The guy is so arrogant. I bet he talks about himself in the third person," Obama said, reading from Colbert's teleprompter.

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But while Obama proceeded to use the opportunity to promote the good aspects of Obamacare, the on-screen text told a different side of the story. As he mused over how to get young people to sign up for health care, Obama said, "They watch comedy shows. And I just don't see the president going on one of those. They're beneath his dignity."

"But above his approval rating," the onscreen text retorted.

Watch the full video below: