The Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood was abuzz as Kate Beckinsale hit the red carpet for the premiere of her latest movie, Snow Angels. In keeping with the film's focus on relationships, Beckinsale opened up about her own. "It was definitely a real examination of all the different stages that love can go through, whether it's in a beautiful, blossoming early stage or a kind of a horrendously psychotic falling-apart stage," she told TV Guide of Snow Angels. "It made me very glad to go home to my husband and my kid at night, that's for sure."

When asked whether Hollywood's recent baby boom had inspired her, Beckinsale said the pregnancies of fellow actors had no influence over that part of her life. "I think about it...," she said of having another child. "My daughter's very against it right now. We're starting with a cat."

Potential roles are also weighed with her daughter in mind. "There was definitely a period of time where I was factoring in, 'Does it shoot in L.A.?' because that's where my kid was," she said. "Now that she's a little bit older, I feel that I have more freedom to be a little more selfish creatively." Bekah Wright