In recordings released Monday by the Los Angeles sheriff's department, a frantic pregnant woman is heard telling a 911 operator she had been "hit by something" and was in pain, shortly before Ryan O'Neal was arrested for alleged assault and firing a weapon during a fracas with his son, Griffin. "I'm in a lot of pain.... I need an ambulance," JoAnne Berry, described as a friend of Griffin's, told 911.

As part of a statement issued by Ryan O'Neal's manager (and posted by on Monday), it was contended that "the injury to Griffin's girlfriend was caused by Griffin himself and not Ryan, as has been alleged by Griffin. Of late, Ryan has extended himself so far as to insure the young lady, and her unborn child."

A family friend tells the AP that Ryan came home to find Griffin attacking his brother, Redmond, while Tatum O'Neal - who was not a witness to the happenings - opts to differ, telling Entertainment Tonight, "No matter what my dad is saying... [Griffin] was attempting to protect Redmond." Somehow finding a way to add to the mystery, Ryan's manager says, "I would be hesitant to buy into anything Tatum says about her father, or her brothers for that matter."

Color me O'Confused.