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Preacher: Here's What Tulip's Resurrection Means Moving Forward

Showrunner Sam Catlin weighs in

Keisha Hatchett

[Warning: This post contains spoilers for the Season 3 premiere of Preacher. Read at your own risk.]

When Tulip (Ruth Negga) died at the end of Preacher's second season, the big question on everyone's mind was how would the show bring her back? After all, she's an essential part of the series (and was resurrected in the comics), so there's no way she'd stay dead permanently.

Preacher's Season 3 opener not only answered that major question, but also offered up a new life purpose for Tulip. The subdued hour saw Jesse (Dominic Cooper) and Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) bring Tulip's corpse to his childhood home on the Angelville plantation where the sinister Gran'ma (Betty Buckley) brought her back to life -- for a hefty price, of course. While Jesse gave up control of his body, Tulip walked away with a newfound sense of self thanks to a special chat with God.

"I think she's realized that the fact that God has built the O'Hares in his mind just to be f--k ups and failures, that she's part of some cosmic plan to provide the world with screw-ups," co-creator and showrunner Sam Catlin told TV Guide. "Now that she's heard it said out loud by her creator, it's given her a whole new sense of purpose and drive which is to kick the sh-- out of anyone who would come up with that idea."

This revelation also means that Tulip will switch roles with Jesse, who will need a lot of help this season as he confronts his past in Angelville. With the preacher facing off against his frightening Gran'ma, who meddles with spirits, and her henchmen TC and Jodi, Catlin says the big question of the season will be how these devious characters affect Jesse during the visit home and what type of man he'll become by the end of his short stay there.

"He's not only scared of Gran'ma, Jodi and TC, but he's also scared of what he becomes when he's there. So it's sort of like what side of Jesse will he succumb to at the end of this? Will be he be able to get out of Angelville with his soul in tact?" Catlin teased.

Elsewhere, things aren't looking good for Cassidy, who will find himself exiled from Angelville and forced to return to New Orleans. There, he'll try to regain control of his life without the help of his friends. But after decades of burning bridges, the hedonistic vampire will quickly learn that redemption isn't an easy thing to earn, especially when you're surrounded by people trying to kill you at every turn.

"We'll get to see Cassidy try to put it life back together but he'll find that being in New Orleans, and the people he meets up with there, are in many ways more dangerous than what he was escaping in Angelville with Jesse and Tulip," the Preacher boss explained.

With Cassidy, Jesse and Tulip headed on some very personal journeys this season, you're about to get to know the trio on a much deeper level.

Preacher continues Sundays at 10/9c on AMC.

​Ruth Negga, Preacher

Ruth Negga, Preacher