Powerhouse Choir Powerhouse Choir

The Powerhouse Choir from John Burroughs High School in Burbank, Calif., performed during the YouTube round of America's Got Talent auditions. Before their shaky performance of Katy Perry's "Firework," one of them talked about how this troupe inspired Glee (and indeed, the show has been shot at John Burroughs). She also noted the choir members' tendency to sing "all day, every day" and be told to shut up by their non-singing friends. Ha, that's perfect.

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Otherwise, Tuesday night's episode was relatively short on the freak factor that you might expect from AGT, especially for an installment consisting of Internet submissions. The most natural example of freakishness, an 8-year-old seemingly boneless child named Breena Bell, practiced nothing but garden-variety contortions. It was weird that she was beaming and dressed like she had stepped out of Little Miss Sunshine, though. Similarly creepy were the West Springfield Dance Team, which were straight out of a vampire/Matrix hell. The judges loved them.

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For our money (of which none was spent), Gabe Rocks, a skateboarding bulldog, was the most entertaining act of the night. His routine was not perfect, but that it included him lifting his leg on a cut-out of Piers Morgan made it all worth it. Morgan is like The Simpsons' Nelson rendered in human flesh — his jumping on the buzzer at the first sign of any act's shortcoming is basically his way of saying, "Ha ha!"

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Watch the troupe that inspired Glee below: