First things first: Power's Tasha isn't sorry.

In an interview with TV Guide, Tasha's portrayer, Naturi Naughton, said Tasha really, truly didn't intend to kill her best friend in Sunday's episode, which climaxed with LaKeisha (La La Anthony) dead. But she has no regrets about it either.

Tasha, as fans know, popped up at Keisha's crib to pressure her into staying on message about her son, Tariq St. Patrick's (Michael Rainey Jr.), murder alibi, but things quickly went south. Keisha had packed her bags to split town over something entirely unrelated — increasing heat on Tommy (Joseph Sikora) — but Tasha, spotting Keisha's packed bags and a signed agreement to talk to the feds, panicked. Keisha lunged for a gun, Tasha tried to stop her, and the ensuing tussle led to Keisha accidentally taking a bullet to the abdomen.

It was horrible, but Tasha doesn't feel guilty. "I knew at that moment there's no turning back," said Naughton. "[Tasha] knew LaKeisha was not going to be able to keep her mouth shut, and it was either her or me. I had to finish her. Tasha had no choice but to kill Keisha."

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Though she's officially a murderer now, Tasha has not changed fundamentally, Naughton said. "She's the same person. I just think now she's got the scar of killing someone on her," the actress explained. "She's in a very vulnerable place. Tasha is no longer comfortably sitting in her penthouse in her Tom Ford dresses. She's trying to get Tariq on board with selling drugs, because she feels like that's her only choice to save him."

Naturi Naughton, PowerNaturi Naughton, Power

Of course, this being Power, Tasha's actions started what is sure to be an oncoming storm of epic brutality, with many people likely to be caught in the path of its destruction. And there are many ways it could play out.

"I think Tommy immediately is thinking Ghost did this to him," Naughton said. And that ticking bomb is just one part of what might happen next. The feds might suspect Tommy. Ghost (Omari Hardwick) might suspect any number of nefarious goons. Tariq is sure to be implicated. Meanwhile, poor little Cash is still standing by the car waiting for Tommy to come tell him someone shot his mom in the head. However it plays out, Tommy is certainly Headless Horseman-level furious, and woe onto all the St. Patricks if and when Tommy finds out Tasha did this or her family members were involved in any way. Given the way Tasha rushed out of the crime scene, the truth is bound to come out somehow.

"So many people are talking about how Tasha left so many things while she was there, including her prints," Naughton said before also noting it was self defense. But the actress also played coy about the theories circulating online regarding what could happen to Tasha. "I don't think that it incriminates her that she took those documents; she took them to be able to show as proof what Keisha was about to do."

"I am a little nervous for Tasha though," she continued. "I will admit she didn't think this thing through."

Naturi Naughton, <em>Power</em>Naturi Naughton, Power

Keisha's death also inevitably boomerangs Tasha back into her estranged husband's spider web, because who else could help her in a situation like this? "There are some good scenes in the next episodes," Naughton teased. "[Ghost] can't judge me. He will try to tell me what I should and shouldn't do, but I'm not with him anymore. He can't validate what I do. He's going have to accept the harsh reality I'm not the same woman he married. Part of that is his fault."

Aren't these two delightful?

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Power is more than halfway through its 15-episode final season, which means that the drum is getting tighter and the banging is getting louder. If there's any certainty, it's that Tasha is going to cling tighter to her son, since they're now bound by another pact signed in blood. In fact, they're probably the only people on the show left with any degree of loyalty and trust for each other. "Unlike the rest of the [series], this might be a turning point. He looks at Tasha like she's different from Ghost — she's trying to level with him and be honest. She's definitely going to draw him closer," said Naughton.

How that might bleed into the first Power spin-off, which will pick up mere hours after the events of the series finale in 2020, Naughton would not say. Tasha makes it to Episode 15, but how she fares after that is, for now, a mystery. "All I can say is, she turns a dark corner," teased Naughton.

Power airs Sundays on Starz.