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Political Animals' ace journalist Susan Berg (Carla Gugino) is willing to do anything to get a good story.

Years ago, she was the one to expose President Bud Hammond's (Ciarán Hinds) sexual liaisons and subsequently ruined the Hammods' marriage. And, as seen in the premiere episode, she withheld information about T.J.'s (Sebastian Stan) suicide attempt to get full access to Elaine (Sigourney Weaver). But as also seen in the first hour of the six-part miniseries, the Washington Globe News reporter has a thing or two in common with Secretary of State Barrish. Perhaps she's starting to care too much about the Hammonds?

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"You can't care too much because then you become partial," Susan says in this exclusive clip. "It's not my job to care. It's my job to reveal. ... I am the bearer of the truth to the public and that has to be my real priority ."

The revealing video interview is just one part of the new website, which USA launched Monday to take fans deeper into the world of the Pulitizer Prize-winning journalist and the newspaper she works for. The site will be updated daily with new content, including video interviews with Berg and the Hammond family, cartoons, and a weekly gossip video blog from the papers' blogger/gossip columnist Georgia Gibbons (aka the woman sleeping with Susan's boyfriend/editor), It will also feature in-depth looks at the juicy backgrounds of the various members of the Hammond family, including Margaret Barrish's (Ellen Burstyn) former life as a showgirl in 1960s Las Vegas.

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"The newspaper format enables our fans to step into an alternate universe where The Washington Globe has covered the Hammonds for decades, publishing feature pieces, op-eds and parody all driving more of the engaging storylines of the show," USA's executive vice president of marketing & digital, Alexandra Shapiro, said. "We created this in tandem with Greg Berlanti and his team, so that the digital world weaves in backstories that supplement Political Animals' six-story arc in a way that is organic, compelling and current."

Watch the full exclusive interview with Susan:

Political Animals airs Sundays at 10/9c on USA. Do you think Susan is getting too close to the Hammonds?