Ciaran Hinds and Sigourney Weaver Ciaran Hinds and Sigourney Weaver

Her ex-husband has a Latin soap star on his arm, but when will Political Animals' Elaine start dating again?

Hopefully soon, Sigourney Weaver says.

"She's a sexual creature, that doesn't go away just because she's Secretary of State," Weaver tells "In fact, I'm hoping that because Elaine is divorced, I'll have an active dating life one of these seasons."

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But how does her ex-husband Bud (Ciaran Hinds) — with whom Elaine had a mid-day romp in the premiere — feel about Elaine moving on? "He still believes she is the one woman that touches him deeply," Hinds says. "He says, 'I'm not giving up on you,' and she should, and yet she also has that deep connection with him."

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Political Animals airs on Sunday at 10/9c on USA.