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After searching the hard drive of Ryan Jenkins' computer during an investigation of his ex-wife's murder, police say they found a will written by Jenkins three days before his suicide.

Ryan Jenkins, reality star sought in ex-wife's murder found dead, police say

Buena Park, Calif., police investigators say the will is considered a "suicide note" because it provides insight into Jenkins' thought process during his final days, according to People.

The Megan Wants a Millionaire contestant was charged with the murder of ex-wife Jasmine Fiore and fled to Canada where he was found hanging in a motel room in August.

Police identify mystery woman in Ryan Jenkins investigation

Police say that in the one-and-a-half-page letter, Jenkins blames Fiore, saying she was beautiful, he loved her and she made him jealous by sleeping with ex-boyfriends.

"It was clearly defined that Mr. Jenkins was jealous of multiple side relationships that she had," Buena Park Police Sgt. William Kohanek told the magazine.

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In the will, Kohanek says Jenkins left money and possessions to family members to whom he also apologized for bringing them bad press.

The will was found over the weekend on a laptop found in Jenkins' motel room, Kohanek said.