<EM>Rock Star: INXS</EM> Rock Star: INXS

At this point I think I'm going to be really disappointed if James doesn't win this game. He's playing hard and getting respect from his roomies. They even want him to get a "platinum" veto award. (Heck, I'd be happy to get a platinum credit card.) I'd actually be really thrilled if I just understood Beau's speech at the nomination ceremony. I was as confused as Rachel by the whole gray/black/white thing.... Maybe something was edited out? Or maybe he doesn't know how to complete a thought. Either way, the hive mind, or "nerd herd," as Howie has dubbed them, seemed to get his point, and were miffed that Rachel was baffled. Rachel does have some weird facial expressions, but I don't get why Ivette went off on her in the diary room. She mentioned something about poor sportsmanship. Um, yeah, kettle, meet pot. Did she really forget so quickly that her pal, Jenny, was the one who threw her HOH key across the yard? Or that the "Friendship" refused to go upstairs to see Janelle's HOH bedroom? I'm not saying that anyone is behaving well on this show; they are all pretty awful at times, but I am annoyed by the superiority that has reigned supreme this week. All I ask is that unapologetic and off-the-wall Howie gets another few days in the house he's the much-needed comic relief.