Kendra Wilkinson, <EM>The Girls Next Door</EM> Kendra Wilkinson, The Girls Next Door

E!'s The Girls Next Door are back from their Super Bowl break this Sunday at 10 pm/ET, and the setting this time around is Jamaica. What sort of trouble did Hef's three girlfriends get into down there? invited Kendra Wilkinson to preview the tropical getaway, talk sports (of course) and reveal her fascination with a certain someone's derriere. OK, truth be told, I have actually never seen any of the Girls Next Door naked. Am I the lesser for it?
Kendra Wilkinson: That's not really for me to say. Not everyone is going to be interested or curious to take a look, but I'm proud of the pictorials we've done for Playboy and I hope the people who do check them out like what they see. Tell me about your recent trip to Boston for the Chargers' [AFC Championship] game.
It was a lot of fun, although we lost. But it was good to be there with my team, win or lose. That was the best part about it. I like how on your MySpace page, the mouse cursor is a Chargers lightning bolt.
Yeah. [Laughs] I'm all Chargered out! What does it mean on your MySpace page when it says you majored in "sports and... flossin'"?
Kendra: Flossin' is a term like when you're "fly." It's like, "I floss. I walk around with my head up, no one can touch me." It's part of the new lingo that you crazy kids are using?
Kendra: I guess so! [Laughs] Who do you want to win in the Super Bowl? [The game was held a few days after this Q&A.]
Kendra: I'm picking the Pats, for one reason and one only, and that’s because of Junior Seau. He was our guy back in San Diego and he took us to a Super Bowl but he never won one, and he deserves a Super Bowl championship out of anyone on that team. I really hope he gets a ring. Do you typically put any money on the game?
Kendra: I do not. I don’t bet. There's no $1-a-box grid pool at the Playboy mansion?
Kendra: Well, yeah, we did that last year — but Hef gives the money for us! I like to save my money for buying houses. Is the fact that your mother was a cheerleader for the Eagles part of the reason you got into sports?
Kendra: That’s not the reason, just a fun fact. She was an Eagles cheerleader back in the '70s and my whole family is from Philadelphia, and when my mom moved to San Diego I was born there and I grew into the Chargers. You can't always go back east, so I might as well root for the local team. I was actually more of a baseball and Padres fan when I was younger. Did your mom ever recover from the mansion's Midsummer Night's Dream party, where you surprised her with a male stripper?
Kendra: It was really funny, she had no idea. She had mentioned on a radio show that she liked construction guys, so I kept that in mind when I hired the stripper. What's your point of view on male strippers?
Kendra: I think male strippers are the nastiest things alive. I don’t agree with it. But it's all in fun! What should we watch for in The Girls Next Door's Jamaica episode?
Kendra: That's a cool episode, but there's a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff you guys miss out on. [Laughs] Why did we miss out...?
Kendra: What do you think of when you think of Jamaica...? [Laughs] OK, but you also did some cliff-diving?
Kendra: Yeah, and we did some ziplining. Are you pretty daring when it comes to stuff like that?
Kendra: I'm daring, but when it comes to heights, it takes me a while to do it. But I end up doing it because I don’t give a f--k. [Laughs] I asked Holly and Bridget which of the other two Girls Next Door they would want to hook up with. Bridget picked you — if only for a steamy fling sort of thing. Who would you choose, if you went that way and only that way?
Kendra: I'll take Bridget. I won't choose somebody who didn’t choose me! If you got your own solo show after Girls Next Door, what would it be about?
Kendra: Oh, I can't speculate about that.... It's "top-secret"! Maybe something sports-themed? "Score with Kendra"?
Kendra: Maybe... maybe.... Has history shown you that guys are put off — or turned on — by your encyclopedic knowledge of sports?
Kendra: I love talking about sports so it would be impossible for me to keep from expressing an opinion once it comes up in conversation. But I myself get a little intimidated when, for example, I'm talking football with football players, because I know they know more than I do. Last question: What is your fascination with Lenny Kravitz's ass?
Kendra: Oh, he's just the sexiest guy ever. That’s one guy I want to meet, and I haven’t had the chance yet. He is so fine! Just so hot.

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