Bridget, Holly and Kendra Bridget, Holly and Kendra

Who needs to borrow a cup of sugar? On Sunday, at 10 pm/ET, E! introduces viewers to The Girls Next Door, an inside look at life at the Playboy Mansion led by lord of the manor Hugh Hefner's three girlfriends: Bridget Marquardt, 31, Holly Madison, 25, and Kendra Wilkinson, 20. In a journalistic ménage à quatre, chatted up the lovely ladies. Do you think that President Bush's nomination of John Roberts to fill the Supreme Court vacancy will succeed in pushing the bench further to the right, or... Oh, who am I kidding? Tell me, how does this whole "sharing Hef" thing work?
Holly Madison:
Well, it is a weird situation, but we all came into it knowing what it was, so it's not like you're dating a guy and one day go, "Oh, my god, he's cheating on me!" I share a room with Hef, and Bridget and Kendra have their own rooms, but we all hang out together all the time, going out to clubs, out to dinner...
Bridget Marquardt: Everything is done together, pretty much. How does a gal get the nod to become a girlfriend? Is there a ceremony? An initiation with paddles?
There are so many girls who come around here and express interest in Hef, and when he expresses interest in return, he'll ask, "Do you want to be a girlfriend? Do you want to move in?"
Bridget: You get to know him, he gets to know you, and things progress from there. I don't feel it's that much different from any other relationship, except that you get to move into the Playboy Mansion and you're sharing him.
Holly: [Laughs] Is this the most girlfriends Hef has had at a given time?
No... When I first joined the group, I was one of seven. Now there you've got one for each day of the week.
Well, we are all about quality as opposed to quantity. In the Charlie's Angels scheme of things, which of you is the smart one, which is the ass-kicker and which is the beauty?
Well, Kendra is the ass-kicker, because she's sporty. Bridget's the smart one because she is working on her second master's degree. And I'm... What am I?
Bridget: Holly is "glamour girl." What is your favorite part of the mansion?
My favorite part is just spending time with Hef and getting to meet all the new girls who come in — especially the ones who are fun. You get a mixed bag, but most of them are cool. It's like having a big slumber party whenever you want it. I appreciate the mental picture, but was actually looking for a specific room or feature...
Hef and I have this enormous bathtub that I love.
Bridget: My favorite spot is my room; I have it all decorated so cute, just the way I want it.
Holly: Sure, toot your own horn!
[They all laugh]
Bridget: But I love it, it's my little retreat.
Kendra Wilkinson: My favorite part is the gym. We have tanning beds, a steam room, all kinds of equipment... even a ballerina barre. What will viewers be surprised to learn about life at the manse?
That we have personalities and are not ho's.
Bridget: They will be surprised to see that it's not always "wild and crazy" here, with everyone running around naked. It's actually a wholesome family atmosphere.
Kendra: People also will be surprised by how different the three of us are. Everybody has that impression that we're all the same and were all girly-girl and all we care about is money. I'm not here for the money; I'm here to have fun. Was there any place cameras were not allowed?
Well, it's not a sex tape. [Laughs] I was luckier than the other two girls since I share a room with Hef, and he has the authority to say, "OK, good night, guys. The cameras need to go away," whereas Bridget or Kendra are sometimes getting ready for bed and are really tired and are like, "OK, get out," and the cameramen shake their heads.
Kendra: Or they'll want me to take off my makeup and go to bed. I'm like, "I'm not ready yet! I'm staying up to watch ESPN!"

TVGuide: So the Playboy Mansion is not the den of iniquity some presume it to be?
It's not a bad place. They will see how much fun it is here.
Kendra: Dominos!!!
Holly: That's right — some nights we have wild parties, and some nights we sit around and play dominos.
TVGuide: But you're playing dominos naked, yes?
[They all laugh]
Holly: We have played topless dominos before!