The platoon is involuntarily thrust into the spin zone when overeager journalist John Moffet (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) attempts to "report the truth" about the Iraq conflict. To Moffet's credit, he's ready to stick his neck out after a cable-news service cynically manipulates his footage to stir up a controversy. But that means zip to Smoke, who comes to bitterly regret pulling a Terrell Owens in front of Moffet's camera ("I got me a license to kill!") after he's implicated in the deaths of a civilian mother and son during a firefight. The self-loathing chink in Smoke's gangsta armor is finally exposed when he tearfully tells Angel to "shut up" with the prayers for him and his "Moms," who suffered a stroke after watching a TV report about the incident. Unknown to Angel, Smoke's mother made a habit out of praying for her troubled son, much to his guilt and chagrin. The bigger the front, the bigger the back. Sadly, Moffet's determination to make amends may have cost him his head. After realizing his insurgent contacts had set him up just like his UKN pals (wheres Jane Craig from Broadcast News when you need her?), he becomes their hostage. Since he's last seen surrounded by masked bandits in front of a video camera, it seems doubtful that Moffet will be saved by the bell (let alone Sipowicz) before the sword comes down. Back home, Vanessa Dunphy's sympathetic side briefly emerges when she cradles Eddy in her arms after his nightmare. Yet, like most active alcoholics, Vanessa is truth-challenged she can't own up to Dim that she lost the baby, let alone why. It's equally hard to understand why Sergio is flirting with that woman from his family support group and ignoring messages from Doublewide, who just had a quarter-size chunk of shrapnel removed from her eyelid. Yo, Sergio stay out of that red zone, mon ami. One cheating spouse on this series is plenty. In Germany, Bo practices walking on his new prosthetic leg. Special effects aside, Josh Henderson shows amazing skill in replicating the plight of an amputee so much so that I felt had to make sure he actually isn't one. He isn't. In fact, Henderson was a singing-and-dancing Justin Timberlake wannabe before landing this role. If you ask me, mate, swapping Pop Stars 2 for Over There was step in the right direction.