Plain White T's by Ron Tom/ABC Family Plain White T's by Ron Tom/ABC Family

They've already sold over 500,000 records. Now the Plain White T's are making the leap from radio to TV stardom. In an exclusive interview, lead singer Tom Higgenson told that the pop-rockers play fraternity brothers in a four-episode arc on the ABC Family dramedy Greek.

"The idea is we're at college and every time there's some kind of event, we perform at it," says the Chicago native, whose band has a recurring role until Aug. 13. "It's a new show, but they showed us the pilot and we wanted to be part of it.'"

Plain White T's, whose hit single "Hey There Delilah" became an MTV staple this summer, will also make an appearance on the Nickelodeon live-action comedy iCarly this fall.

"One of the kids on the show saves my life," says Higgenson "I have a line
and then we perform as special musical guests at the end."

Asked whether he's caught the acting bug since Greek, Higgenson replies, "I love movies and TV, so hopefully we'll get to do more of this stuff. In
high school I did a couple of plays, but this was a very different experience!" - Reporting by Dana Meltzer Zepeda