Louise Roe Louise Roe

While Plain Jane (Wednesdays, 9/8c, The CW) follows the traditional makeover-show route of helping fashion victims find fabulous new looks, British host Louise Roe, who also cohosts E!'s Fashion Police and Perfect Catch, does more than offer style advice.

1. It's a total makeover show. In addition to wardrobe help, Roe coaches the girls on poise and going after their biggest crush. This week, a wannabe screenwriter tries for a second chance after an awkward movie date. "[It's] about how these girls gain confidence and start to not care about rejection," Roe says. "You see them come into their own."

2. Roe does more than scold her victims. If the girls fail to adhere to Roe's advice, they answer to the Zapper. "It won't kill you," says Roe of the shock device the Plain Janes must wear. "We strap it to their ankles and give them rules. When they break the rules, it's just a gentle reminder." Ouch!

3. They face their biggest fears. Whether it's touching snails or swimming with sharks, the girls boost their confidence by confronting lifelong terrors and phobias.

4. New duds — and a new dude? The payoff usually involves the girls landing their dream date. Adds Roe, viewers "will see themselves in every girl and think, 'I'm not so bad. Maybe I could go and get a guy.'" You go, girls!

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