<EM>The Life and Death of Peter Sellers</EM> The Life and Death of Peter Sellers

For both of you who skipped reading Damian J. Holbrook's deliciously snarky blow-by-blow of Sunday night's Emmycast, those wiseguys from The Sopranos, MIA this year, contracted out a hired gun named Inspector Clouseau to get the job done for HBO. Fueled by nine wins for The Life and Death of Peter Sellers including a gold lady for star Geoffrey Rush HBO amassed 27 Emmys overall, the same tally as the top two broadcast networks, ABC (with 16) and CBS (11), combined. Monk's Tony Shalhoub and Medium's Patricia Arquette were the night's "not so expected" wins and Felicity Huffman beat out Housewives favorites Teri Hatcher and Marcia Cross. Boston Legal's James Spader (a repeat winner) and William Shatner packed a one-two punch, and everybody showed Raymond a last round of love by giving the defunct laffer three more Emmys, including outstanding comedy series. Also, Lost viewers finally learned what was at the bottom of the hatch: an outstanding drama series win. (Click here for a complete list of winners.) Now do yourself a favor and go read Damian's column. He works hard for the money, doncha know.