The Big Four announced a flurry of pilot orders on Wednesday, offering a possible glimpse at the fall 2006 season. ABC gave the nod to Six Degrees, a drama about the intertwined lives of a group of strangers (sound familiar?), to be executive-produced by (here's a clue) Lost cocreator J.J. Abrams. CBS ordered Jericho, which chronicles the chaos that occurs in a small town isolated from the rest of the world by a nuclear disaster, and Orpheus, about a young man whose girlfriend is immersed in a cult. NBC gave the green light to Crossing Jordan creator Tim Kring's Heroes, in which seemingly everyday people realize they have superpowers, and Seeing Red, about a cop who gets help from dead crime victims. Fox's Faceless, meanwhile, finds a federal prosecutor going undercover as a criminal to bring down an underworld organization. My TiVo is already giddy.