Peter Krause, Maura Tierney, Craig T. Nelson Peter Krause, Maura Tierney, Craig T. Nelson

Peter Krause's latest role is neither dirty nor inherently sexy. Instead, he has been cast as Adam Braverman — aka what we are calling "the Steve Martin role" — in NBC's Parenthood pilot based on the 1989 movie. Sarah Ramos (American Dreams) will play Krause's TV daughter, who actually was a son on the big screen. Yeah, this project is sounding more and more like "inspired by" than "based on."

Also on board for Friday Night Lights creator Jason Katims' adaptation of the film is ER fave Maura Tierney, as Krause's single-mom sister (the Dianne Wiest role). Mae Whitman (Thief) will cause drama as Tierney's daughter.

Dax Shepard (Employee of the Month) has been cast as the youngest (and slacker) Braverman sibling. Tom Hulce and a really bad hairstyle filled that role in the film.

And who sired the Braverman bunch? TV's former Coach, Craig T. Nelson, will succeed Jason Robards as the family patriarch, who in this interpretation is envisioned as a Vietnam vet-turned-actor/hippie.

What's your take? Might this Parenthood fare better than TV's first, blink-and-you-missed 1990 adaptation?