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Fleabag Star Reacts to Those Doctor Who Casting Rumors

From Fleabag, to... Snake alien?

Alexander Zalben

Sorry, Fleabag fans: Phoebe Waller-Bridge is not the next Doctor on the BBC's Doctor Who... but that doesn't mean she's writing off the series entirely.

The British series (Doctor Who, not Fleabag) goes through a regular rejuvenation, switching stars every few years through a pseudo-scientific process known as regeneration. This season, which is currently airing on the BBC and here on the other side of the pond on BBC America, is about to go through its own regeneration as star Peter Capaldi and longtime showrunner Steven Moffat are both leaving the show.

And every time the immortal Timelord named The Doctor regenerates, fans ask a simple question: could the Doctor, who comes back with a new face and outlook each time, maybe not be a white guy again?

When former star Matt Smith regenerated into Peter Capaldi, numerous actors of color and women -- as well as, shocker, a few gingers -- had their names bandied about. But ultimately the role went to lifelong Who superfan Capaldi. Who is, in case you weren't sure, neither a person of color nor a woman.

With this Doctor's regeneration imminent, talk has once again turned to some non-Caucasian/male avenues, and Waller-Bridge -- who saw her star rise with Fleabag, and will be featured in an upcoming Star Wars prequel -- was at the top of the bookies' betting lists. She was taken off, though, both because of her busy schedule (she's balancing a few upcoming features, another TV series as well as idly toying with the idea of Fleabag 2) and because a rumor stated the BBC was no longer considering women for the role.

While in NYC to promote her breakout Amazon comedy series, TVGuide.com asked Waller-Bridge about having your name thrown about as the new Doctor -- even if she won't be taking weekly trips in the TARDIS.

"So cool. So cool to have my name in that mix," Waller-Bridge said. "And so cool they're talking about having a woman be the next Doctor."

Though she doesn't necessarily have inside knowledge of the casting process (heck, even Steven Moffat told us he doesn't know who the next Doctor will be), Waller-Bridge was careful to note that we shouldn't rule out a lady Doctor just yet."There were so many rumors flying around," Waller-Bridge continued. "I think it's a great time for it, and there are so many great actresses out there that would kill it as a Doctor."

Even if she's not grabbing a sonic screwdriver and taking weekly trips through time and space, the actress does have a pitch for how she could show up on the program.

"Oh yeah! You kidding?" Waller-Bridge said excitedly when asked if she would want to guest-star. "Just to play an alien, or some like, drippy weird alien. That would be cool. Or a snake thing. I could be a snake alien. That's my long pitch to them: I want to play a snake alien."

Make it happen, Who. Make it happen.

Fleabag is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.