OK, again, digging ya'll who checked in last week. The fun we had, huh? And what better way to recover from the lost joys of The Land of the Lost than with some love for the City of Brotherly Love. As bhm1304 guessed last week, the best FX sitcom you're not watching is It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Granted, while it's not really always sunny here, as a right proud Philly boy who just spent Labor Day wandering Center City, reading in Rittenhouse Square and chowing down on The Continental's insane crab Pad Thai, I have to say that this town does indeed rock.

Much like this dirty little gem. Centered on foul-mouthed pub owners Mac, Charlie and Dennis, his barmaid sister Sweet Dee and a still unnamed coffee-shop waitress who could teach Friends Gunther a thing or two about stealing scenes, Sunny is best compared to Seinfeldif Jerry's posse had less morals and raging drinking problems. Once Danny DeVito joins in for season 2 as Dee and Dennis' pop, the series officially becomes Three Stooges, A Girl and a Pervert, as well as one of the most rewatchable sitcoms going. (Along with 30 Rock, ironically the work of another Philly native, Tina Feyhmmmmm.)

So let's all thank the DVD gods that a long-overdue Sunny set packed with both seasons and a bunch of extras just hit the shelves. This way, you too can surrender half a day to the brain(damaged)-child of fellow Philly kid Rob McElhenney as he and the smartest ensemble this side of Calvin Klein's fall line- co-writers /producers Charlie Day and Glenn Howerton, Kaitlin Olson, DeVito and the deliciously sarcastic Mary Elizabeth Ellis- give so-called serious topics a major bad touch. Think South Park was ballsy for busting on Scientologists? Try The O.C.'s Autumn Reeser as an anti-abortion activist with a thing for unsafe sex and doctor-killers. Or Kyle XY's Jaimie Alexander playing a barely legal prom-goer looking to throw Dennis a leg before her ex can get on Dee. Then there's Anne Archer as DeVito's ex, whooh you know what? It's just all so wrong in a very right way.

Seriously, I dare you not to roar at the gang's season 2 excursions into welfare fraud, crack addiction and faux handicapability. Even my boss fell out over that last one and he has a Pulitzer. So don't think you're going to Hell for giggling at the gang's flaming-poo Jihad on a nasty neighbor or even Dee's threats to eat her boxing rival's babies. Because nothing is sacred to McElhenney and company, they can be as blessedly wicked as they want and get away with it. It helps that Sunny's on FX and that these characters are borderline nitwits, but still. You gotta give props to any show that can work a line like "I had sex with your father because just like you, I like my sex old and ugly!" Good times.

Oh, and to those who only know Philly as the town that booed Santa at an Eagles game and brought you the lamest Real World on record, I offer both my apologies and a bonus not mentioned among the cast interviews, clips from the $200 pilot and the gag reel: thanks to scenes shot on location, you also get to see that my 'hood is far cooler than any of that. In fact, you could say that it's best served Sunny side up.

Next week, it's back to Saturday mornings and the thrill of having super friends in high places. Until then, don't hog the remote.

UPDATE: If you really want to impress your friends and say that you've met the gang face-to-face, get hip to their road trip schedule...

Fri., Aug. 24 U. of California, Berkeley at Caltopia in the Spieker Plaza from 10A-5P

Sat., Aug. 25 U. of California, Berkeley at Caltopia in the Spieker Plaza from 10A-4P

Thu., Aug. 30 U. of Southern California at the McCarthy Quad from 11A-4P

Wed., Sep. 5 U. of Illinois, Chicago at the Student Organization Fun Fair from 11A-4P

Fri., Sep. 7 U. of Maryland in front of Cole Field House near Stamp Student Union from 11A-4P

Mon., Sep. 10 U. of Pennsylvania at the U PENN Bookstore (36th St/Walnut S) from 11A-4P

Wed., Sep. 12 Hofstra U. at the Mack Student Center from 11A-4P
Thu., Sep. 13 Boston U. at the Marsh Plaza (near George Sherman Union on Commonwealth) from 11A-4P