Phil Keoghan Phil Keoghan

It's another non-elimination round for Phil Keoghan, who has just signed a new deal to continue for several more years as host of CBS' The Amazing Race.

Under the new deal, Keoghan has now been named a co-executive producer of the Race (an acknowledgement that he's already deeply involved with the show's production). "Most of what I do [on Race] is behind-the-scenes," Keoghan says. "My energy has been consumed with other duties besides just being in front of the camera. I've always enjoyed that side of it."

Keoghan's deal with CBS also includes a development component at the network. "I've been talking to CBS about developing other projects," he says. "It's been a part of what I've done for years anyway. I'm constantly thinking up new ideas and ways of sharing stories."

Keoghan hits the road for the 19th edition of The Amazing Race next month. The show just concluded its 18th cycle, an all-star edition, and recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary with a reunion of past contestants in Miami.

The Amazing Race has helped Keoghan expand his "No Opportunity Wasted" brand line, which now encompasses TV, as well as a line of nutrition bars and luggage. He also regularly gives motivational speeches, and in 2009 rode a bike cross-country for charity. That journey was turned into the documentary The Ride.

"My real motivation is to inspire people, and that's why I have enjoyed my time on The Amazing Race so much," Keoghan says.

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