After winning his best song Oscar for "You'll Be In My Heart" from Disney's Tarzan, Phil Collins was delighted for the opportunity to lend his voice to their newest animated film, Brother Bear. But things didn't work out exactly the way he planned. While he penned all of Bear's tunes, the star was obliged to share vocal duties on several of its musical numbers.

"When I said yes to the project, I figured I was going to be singing it all," Collins says. "I think, for a while, [Disney] figured that, too. But I guess a couple of years into the project, it was decided, 'Why risk people jumping to conclusions with comparisons to Tarzan?'

"Slowly, the bad news started to trickle down that I wouldn't be singing it all," he sighs. "It was a bit of a disappointment, because I [usually] write songs that I sing myself. They tried a couple of male voices, and that didn't work. [Then, they thought,] 'Why not try a female voice?' Tina Turner was the first suggestion, and she came out of retirement to do it."

The 52-year-old Collins required some time to adjust to the idea, but in the end, he was pleased with the results from all the other vocal contributors, like the Blind Boys of Alabama and the Bulgarian Women's Choir. However, he was particularly impressed by Turner's performance. "I was there when she recorded it, and she did a fantastic job," he enthuses. "She just has so much energy and presence."

And now, he graciously concludes, "I have no problem with any of the songs that I'm not singing. I'm proud of myself as a writer on this film, as much as being the guy that sings them."