Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz

Look up "TMI" in the dictionary and you'll get a picture of Pete Wentz.

The new pop appeared on Howard Stern's radio show Tuesday to promote Fall Out Boy's new album, Folie a Deux, which in Wentz's mind means "overshare details on my sex life with Ashlee Simpson."

"We have an amazing sex life," he proclaimed. "We have such sexual chemistry. If we had been on this show last year, we'd probably be doing it in the green room right now. Hopefully, the kid [3-week-old son Bronx] doesn't change it."

That's just the tip of the iceberg.

The bassist revealed that the couple, who married in May, currently do not have sex because of the recent birth, but "do other fun stuff." Such as?

"[She] loves giving me lap dances. She gives a mean lap dance," he said. "[She wears] thongs and sexy clothes."

Those lap dances, not to mention sex, were a long time coming for Wentz, who admitted he pursued the singer for a while before she finally hooked up with him. Their first time — "the best sexual encounter I have ever had" — was at New York's SoHo Grand Hotel.

"I'm looking in the mirrors, [thinking], 'Oh my God, you are banging the girl of your dreams, and you can watch yourself!'" he said.

Other golden nuggets of information we probably should not know included Simpson's pregnancy weight (150 pounds), which is now "blazing off her," her bra size pre- and post-pregnancy (C-cup, "but I think with the breast milk it's a D") and how Wentz would've considered a threesome with Ashlee and Jessica "20 years back."

Ironically, at the start of the interview, the 29-year-old noted that his wife ordered him not to say "anything crummy about me" on Stern's show. Oops?