CBS still hasn't made a decision about the long-term future of Person of Interest.

Although the show received an 11th hour renewal in May, it is being held for midseason and is expected to air a truncated season. However, CBS Entertainment Chairman Nina Tassler said Monday at the Television Critics Association fall previews that the number of episodes hasn't been decided upon, nor is it clear if this will, in fact, be the show's final season.

"We haven't determined that yet," Tassler said. "That show's in production now and will be coming on later this season, but we haven't determined if it's the end of the series yet."

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If it does end up being the final chapter for Finch and Mr. Reese, however, Tassler seems confident that the producers will have the proper amount of time to wrap up the story. "We don't know those dates," Tassler said. "We're not anywhere near having to determine what the last story line will be, but we'll talk about it when we get there."

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