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Person of Interest: What Really Happened to Control?

Camryn Manheim tells us her theory

Tim Surette

Even though CBS' underrated thriller Person of Interestended in 2016, we still have questions about some of the things that happened in the show. Like, what did Root/The Machine say to Shaw? Does Bear still eat expensive books? And who did all of Reese's tailoring to fix all the bullet holes in his suits?

But one thing that's really stuck with us is what happened to Control (Camryn Manheim)? The sort-of villain's role in the show was always mysterious, and that stuck with her in the series finale when Samaritan agents put a hood over her head and hauled her off to who knows where. We can only guess it wasn't a trip to Disneyland.

Is she dead? We went to the source herself and asked Manheim, and her outlook for her character isn't any better than ours.

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"I'd like to say that she is ready for the next season, but I think there's a possibility that she's in the same ditch that she's put a lot of people in," Manheim told TV Guide at the Television Critics Association winter press tour, where she was on hand to promote CBS' upcoming comedy Living Biblically.

However, Manheim acknowledges that we never actually saw Control killed, meaning that producers left the door open for a reason. And with all the possibilities of TV reboots, she could be back for more. Cross your fingers, POI fans!

Person of Interest is currently streaming on Netflix and CBS.com.

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