Does Matthew Perry have a future in politics? The Friends actor — who kicks off his two-episode stint on The West Wing this evening (9 pm/ET) — admits he'd be open to another term in NBC's faux White House. "We haven't really talked about it, but I had a really great experience doing the show," he tells TV Guide Online. "So, we'll have to see."

Plot-wise, Perry says WW producers have left the door ajar for his character — Republican lawyer John Quincy — to return. With Friends coming to a close next season, might Perry consider a full-time gig on Aaron Sorkin's Emmy-winning drama?

"[Friends] is going to end a 10-year chapter in my life," he says, "and I like to think that when one door closes, God puts another door somewhere in your life and it's your job to go find it. So, I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I know this West Wing experience has been great. The degree of difficulty was high. It was a really great challenge, and [I had] a very good, tired feeling driving home, which we all kind of like.

"I certainly would like to do more dramatic stuff in the next chapter of my life," he adds. "And Aaron Sorkin's a brilliant writer, so who knows?"

A WW comeback would allow Perry's character to explore a possible romantic entanglement with Oval Office babe Donna (Janel Moloney), who seems to have an affinity for big-name guest stars. For his part, Perry says Quincy doesn't cozy up to any one particular West Winger during his brief stay. "I made sure I flirted with everyone," he cracks. "I left all of my options open."