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Perez Hilton says he's "extremely bothered" that some people aren't sympathetic to his claims of being physically assaulted.

"I have been extremely bothered by the public reaction to my assault. Violence should never be condoned with such statements as, 'It's Karma' or 'I don't believe in violence, but...,'" Hilton said in a posting to his website. "[S]everal television and radio shows [have] echoed the sentiment, 'He had it coming.' Would they have said the same thing if I was a woman?"

"No one 'deserves' to be a victim of violence," he added. "No one 'has it coming.'"

Hilton says he was attacked by Black Eyed Peas member and his guards at a Sunday-night after-party for the MuchMusic Awards. Liborio "Polo" Molina, the group's road manager, later turned himself in and was charged with one count of assault. has denied striking the gossip blogger, and Molina has yet to publicly comment.

Hilton's new statement comes in the wake of a war of words he had with singer and frequent foil John Mayer. Mayer started the dialogue by saying on Twitter that Hilton's video response to his recent assault was "so long that by the end of it, his cut healed."

Hilton responded to Mayer: "I'm sure you also think I 'deserved' to get hit!"

Mayer denied that accusation, and instead offered to train Hilton in the tactical-defense skill of Krav Maga so that he might "learn to avoid" future altercations or, failing that, "learn to end them."

Hilton is also catching criticism from the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation because he directed anti-gay epithets at during their run-in. GLAAD said Hilton's use of the slurs "feed a climate of hatred and intolerance toward [the gay and lesbian] community."

Hilton initially responded to GLAAD's condemnation by saying he was "saddened [they] chose to victimize me further." But in his latest statement, he admitted to not choosing his words wisely.

"After feeling physically threatened by a verbally abusive I chose the most hurtful word I know to hurl at him... a word that I would not utter under normal circumstances," he said. "Unfortunately, the one who got hurt was me and, subsequently, a lot of other people. I wish none of it had happened."

Molina is due in Toronto court Aug. 5. There, Hilton says, "I look forward to standing up for my rights... as I fully intend to seek every lawful remedy against the man that attacked me."