Question: There are people saying that Cameron turns down House in next week's season premiere. Is that true?

Answer: Nope. But while we're discussing Hameron, remember how Hugh Laurie awkwardly attempted to relay a message on Jennifer Morrison's behalf at press tour last month (Ask Ausiello 8/2)? Well, at the Emmys Sunday, she delivered said message herself: She wants them together, and STAT! "Of course," she beamed. "It's good to mix it up a little, have some extra TV drama." She added that fans "seem to have their couple that they root for. There are some people who want Cameron and House, there are some people who want House and Cuddy, and there are some people who want House and Wilson. There are all these different camps." BTW, Morrison and costar Jesse Spencer apparently decided to make the Emmys their official coming-out party as a couple. I'm not sure, but they could very well be the prettiest twosome in the galaxy.