Let's be real: it was only a matter of time before someone noticed the eerie parallels between the CW's Riverdale and the classic cartoon, Peanuts and then mashed them up into a musical murder mystery with a big, awkward dance finale. That was always going to happen, right? Well, anyway, it's happened now!

On Tuesday's The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon debuted a sketch that dives deep into the macabre weirdness lurking below the surface of Peanuts, as Charlie Brown (Fallon) tries to A) cope with the untimely and mysterious death of his pal Linus, and B) keep his Jughead-style pompadour from wilting under the pressure. After a series of missteps, it all ends at the fall formal, where the gang resolves to eventually get justice for their friend... after they dance it out to Vince Guaraldi's classic music theme, obviously.

Bonus: the actual cast of Riverdale wanders by just in time to provide some much-needed, meta side-eye at all the delightful absurdity of this over-the-top (but totally accurate) spoof.