The cocktail dress Laura made on last night's Project Runway is already up to $760 on the Seen On! auction site Considering someone paid $1,705 for the "recycled trash" dress the yuppie Manhattanite made out of a discarded peanut sack earlier this season, plus the fact that there are still six days left before the latest auction closes, you know Laura's cocktail thingy will go for well over $2,000 if not $3,000. And that fact makes my head hurt a little.

While I'm talking about Project Runway sales, someone named LindaJeanne paid $1,455 for Angela's little number from Episode 4, and Kara dropped $1,900 for Kayne's formal gown from last week's Paris episode. Now I won't front: They're all darling creations; Laura's cocktail gown was especially cute. And the proceeds do go to a good cause (an organization called Dress for Success). But dang. Do people just have money to burn? I mean, really. Why else would you spend $2,000 for something you know without a doubt was made for $100 or less? (I think the designers got to spend a whopping $300 for the ballroom gowns they made in Paris.) Somebody please explain this to me: What's the thinking behind this purchase? Do people so want to own a piece of something almost famous that they'll buy a rush-job dress they know was made in one day? Will they actually wear their Project Runway outfits? Maybe they're hoping these items will become collectibles? Or is this what true fashionistas do and I just don't understand it because I own only a few things that didn't come from The LB (that's fat-girl code for Lane Bryant)? If you've ever purchased something made on Project Runway, please, please, please drop me a few lines; I would love to talk. Or, better yet, send me a photo of you wearing said item.