Paula Zahn courtesy CNN Paula Zahn courtesy CNN

Has Paula Zahn's love diary finished her? A journal detailing her extramarital affair with billionaire Paul Fribourg has put the former CNN anchor in the news. Zahn's husband, Realtor Richard Cohen, discovered the incriminating chronicle "a while ago," a friend of his tells TV Guide, but it was only leaked after Zahn sued her estranged spouse for mismanagement of more than $25 million in investments. His friend insists Cohen intends to honor their prenup, worth "tens of millions of dollars" to her. So what will the scandal do to Zahn's career? "If she had been successful at CNN, it could affect her as a lead person," a media consultant says. "At this point, I'd say she should look to be part of a news team." - Reporting by Ileane Rudolph