Paul Newman by Jim Spellman/ Paul Newman by Jim Spellman/

In recent days, several media outlets reported that Paul Newman, 83, has been diagnosed with lung cancer and is receiving outpatient treatment at a hospital in New York. On Wednesday, the AP quoted writer A.E. Hotchner, a longtime business partner and neighbor of Newman's, as saying the actor told him about having the disease some 18 months ago: "I know that it's a form of cancer. And he's dealing with it."

Hotchner has since denied making that statement, claiming he has "no knowledge of any diagnosis," but the AP is standing by its story.

Last month, Newman bowed out of directorial duties for a production of Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men, citing health reasons that were not specified.

Newman responded to previous reports on the cancer with a cryptic, non-confirming message delivered by his spokesman: "Newman says he's doing nicely." - Anna Dimond

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