Patrick Warburton, <EM>Rules of Engagement</EM> Patrick Warburton, Rules of Engagement
Patrick Warburton proves himself a master of deadpan again and again, whether as Elaine's boyfriend Puddy on Seinfeld, the none-too-bright superhero The Tick, or in his current gig, playing macho spouse Jeff on Rules of Engagement

(Mondays at 9:30 pm/ET, CBS).

TV Guide: Of all the characters you've played who do you most relate to?
Patrick Warburton: I guess The Tick, only because I see myself as a superhero. [Laughs]

TV Guide: You're best known for that deadpan delivery that made Puddy so popular…
Jeff is certainly a departure [from Puddy]. He's still a guy's guy but at the same time he can be manipulative and calculating. Puddy was very singular and dimensioned, so I try to stay away from things that are exactly that. But, whatever, you know, I've got four kids to put through college.

TV Guide: Do you think Jeff and Audrey would work in real life?
Sure, why not. Don't you know couples like them? I think sometimes guys intentionally act borderline retarded.

TV Guide: Your voice is so distinctive — is that something you work on?
Warburton: If I worked on it I would have probably done something useful like learned how to sing and then I'd be in a heavy metal band. [Laughs]

TV Guide: Your voice can be heard on so many different cartoons—The Family Guy, The Venture Bros., Kim Possible and The Emperor's New School. What's the appeal of voice acting?
It does keep me busy, but I can just go in and record for an hour or two and be done with it. The door opened years ago. I had the opportunity to do Buzz Lightyear for the TV series, and that same year I read for The Emperor's New Groove. Since then I've been working pretty steadily in voiceover, and it's a lot of fun. I've got four kids, so they all get a kick out of it.

TV Guide: You reunited with Jerry Seinfeld on 2007's Bee Movie….
It was a lot of fun. He's elusive, you know? It's not like you get to hang out with Jerry Seinfeld all the time…you just don't.

TV Guide: Do you have a favorite Seinfeld episode?
Warburton: I love the Merv Griffin one. I like the "Second Spitter" episode. Also, of course, "master of my domain."

TV Guide: What makes you laugh?
Warburton: I don't watch any TV shows on a regular basis. Most of what we watch in this house is either on Animal Planet, Discovery, History, Science or National Geographic. But I laughed when I went to see Superbad with my 15-year-old son. I like clever comedies. I thought Napoleon Dynamite was wonderful — it's something you can watch over and over again. And, of course, all the classics — Caddyshack, Stripes, The Three Amigos — I get a chuckle out of them every time.

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