Patrick Dempsey, <EM>Enchanted</EM> Patrick Dempsey, Enchanted

Sure, Patrick Dempsey plays a prince of a doc on Grey's Anatomy, but his latest feature, Disney's part-animated, part-live-action Enchanted, finds him actually winning a fairy-tale princess (Amy Adams).

"It was a great story," explains Dempsey. "I go see a lot of family films because that's all I get a chance to see," explains the father of three. "This was different than most of them. It was an interesting story that was different and fresh."

Dempsey's 4-year-old, Tallulah, was both intrigued and confused by her dad's involvement in the film. "She likes the animation. She loved the chipmunk. And she likes the fact that I know the princess."

Still, it was hard for her to understand why her dad had an on-screen daughter. "She'd ask questions like, 'You're not really her father?' and I'm like, 'No, I'm not, you're my daughter.' 'Well, who's her father?' 'Well, her father is...' 'Oh, OK.... So she's just pretend.' 'Yes, exactly.' But she was younger when we were doing it, so now it's different, you know, she's into other things like, 'Where's the chipmunk during the press junket?' 'There's no chipmunk.' 'Why?' 'Because it's a fake chipmunk. It's computer generated.' 'What do you mean by that?'" Dempsey laughs, adding, "Every question is followed by another question."

Enchanted was shot in New York, and Dempsey found it exciting to "shoot a musical in Manhattan," right in Central Park, with fans on the sidelines, calling out for McDreamy to glance their way. He also got a kick out of playing the "straight man" to Amy Adams' cartoon princess who's "come to life."

With the WGA strike, TV fans may not see as much of Dempsey as they'd like, but they can always take a trip to the Cineplex for Enchanted, which opens today. "It's such an unusual movie and so epic, and [will be a] big crowd pleaser."

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