Get This Party Started
In the wake of

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition's success, it was bound to happen: a show devoted to giving deserving folks a well-earned party. And there are fewer families in need of a party more than the

Joneses, who lost just about everything in Hurricane Katrina. Since then they've been living in a hotel as evacuees and could certainly use a diversion. Enter Laguna Beach babe Kristin Cavallari and Extra's Ethan Erickson to the rescue! Sisters Arin and Alexis were ostensibly heading to Las Vegas to audition for a singing competition (not American Idol, these girls actually can sing). But sneaky Arin was in cahoots with Kristin and Ethan so her sis Alexis could have the best 21st birthday ever. With an entire wardrobe, a brand-new car, gift bags, an unexpected duet with Mary Mary and unlimited cotton candy, Alexis had one hell of a celebration. Though, in true George Washington fashion, Arin could not tell a lie, whereas Kristin seemed completely at ease cranking out the falsehoods. Her folks better keep their eyes on her. I did like how they tricked Alexis into getting extensions I'll have to remember that one next time I need to stall someone. The parents' tears over the framed rescued pictures and Alexis' genuine shock at the surprise party were enjoyable, but even though its heart was in the right place, the show wasn't without issues. The constant name-dropping got to be a bit much, from the party planner who's worked with every big name to the list of A-, B- and C-list stars who've partied in the Hard Rock Hotel, it became kind of exhausting. Oddly, the celebrity photographer didn't mention a single client. Maybe we've all just overdosed on trashtastic celeb-obsessed culture. Speaking of which, I was dismayed to see in her Laguna Beach bio that Kristin named Tara Reid the person she'd most like to party with. Oh, Kristin. Guess it's back to Team L.C. for me.   Ken McGilvray  

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