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Seven days. 50,000 visitors. And... clowns! Harvest Festival is here, and in true Pawnee style, it's just as wild a ride as anything on the fairgrounds. "If it goes well, the department will survive," says Parks and Recreation's Amy Poehler of her character Leslie Knope's massive last-ditch effort to save the Parks Department. "If it doesn't, people are gonna get fired."


While it's safe to say that nobody needs to polish their résumés, there are a few laugh-out-loud glitches the gang has to contend with before kicking off the event: a trumped-up Native American curse, a missing mini horse and a smear campaign mounted by sneering local newsy Joan Callamezzo.


But like the best of Parks, these hiccups are matched with acres of heart, as Andy and April butt heads over the "awesomesauceness" of the L-word, and Ben begins to see Leslie in a new, possibly romantic, light. Not that there aren't folks who are totally Team Knope already. "When you see this episode... it makes you love her even more," says exec producer Michael Schur, who savors the idea of something finally going right for the plucky wonder. "This episode," he says, "is about Leslie being noticed for the incredible hard work she does."


Parks and Recreation airs Thursdays at 9:30/8:30c on NBC.


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