Nick Offerman, Lucy Lawless Nick Offerman, Lucy Lawless

Twist! Ron Swanson is getting a love interest who isn't named Tammy!

Yes, the Parks and Recreation's curmudgeon will meet his match this Thursday when Lucy Lawless makes her first appearance as Diane, and was on set for their meet-cute. 

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It's all thanks, in part, to Chris Traeger (Rob Lowe), who has introduced a new initiative called 311, where concerned citizens of Pawnee can call the government to get their questions answered and complaints heard. "While Ron is on the phone shift, this lady keeps calling about this pothole in front of her house," Nick Offerman explains of Ron and Diane's initial interaction. "I think he shares her frustration with the government that nobody at public works is picking up the phone, so he just decides to go out and take care of it himself."

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"At first she's not Ron's type," Offerman says, explaining that Diane is not named Tammy, nor is she a brunette. "She is somebody who doesn't take any b.s. She doesn't suffer fools gladly and she shoots straight from the hip, all of which makes Ron raise an eyebrow."

Interestingly enough, Lawless says this character is "probably closest to me than anything I've ever played." To find out more about how Ron gets on with Diane — and how, according to Lawless, Andy (Chris Pratt) "is instrumental in getting them together" — check out our set visit video below:

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