Chris Pratt, Adam Scott and Amy Poehler Chris Pratt, Adam Scott and Amy Poehler

NBC is celebrating the final season of Parks and Recreation by getting rid of it almost as fast as it can. The exciting news of Season 7's premiere date was dampened by the fact that NBC is sending the sitcom off with back-to-back episodes over the course of seven weeks. 

After taking the fall off, Parks and Recreation will return on Tuesday, Jan.13 at 8/7c with a pair of episodes. That double-dip of adventures in Pawnee will continue through Feb. 24, when the hourlong series finale will get a boost following an episode of The Voice

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Why would NBC hurry off one of its last remaining acclaimed comedies? According to NBC's press release, it's for "a sendoff that will maximize the show's cultural impact," whatever that means. 

NBC was also quick to point out that Parks and Recreation will debut in the "afterglow" of Parks and Recreation star Amy Poehler's co-hosting gig (with pal Tina Fey) of the Golden Globes on Jan.11. 

But no matter what words NBC chooses to use, this smells like a network shoving something out the door rather really caring about something like "maximizing cultural impact." 

What do you think of this scheduling?

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